NPQ Online Learning Modules

NPQ Online Learning Modules

Best Practice Network and Outstanding Leaders Partnership are able to take on additional candidates in any region, as well as the provision of assessment services for other providers.

"The articles and documents available as reading materials are excellent and have definitely enhanced my knowledge and understanding. I also enjoyed the online discussion with other professional colleagues, which, for me, is a vital part of this course."
NPQEL Candidate, Autumn 2018

Benefits of our online learning modules

  • 12 online modules based on the assessment framework, with tasks, reading, case studies and video content
  • Enhances and extends face-to-face training days
  • Over 800 pages of content, including policy, practice and case studies, which are constantly curated by our team
  • Over 400 hours of guided study content
  • Helpdesk support 9-5 every working day
  • Used by over 4,000 NPQ Candidates

We offer 12 online modules for each NPQ level covering the following areas:

Strategy & Improvement Teaching & Curriculum Excellence Managing Resources & Risk
Module 1 Context for change & strategic development Context for change - teaching & learning reality Financial efficiency & effectiveness
Module 2 Creating the vision & strategic improvement environment Creating the learning culture for effective teaching and learning and curriculum opportunity

Accountability & Governance

School-led partnership and impact

Module 3 Establishing credible relationships & effective collaboration Growing talent and quality momentum Staffing recruitment, retention and performance
Module 4 Transforming the culture for improvement & impact Transforming lives and opportunities for improvement and impact Transforming schools through school-led partnership and impact
"I have really enjoyed the units so far. The website (canvas) is very easy to navigate and use. My tutor has been very helpful and responsive."
NPQH Candidate, Spring 2019

Candidate evaluations

Over the past academic year 18/19, we have received the following scores from candidates who have completed their online course evaluations.

Area % Positive
Content 97%
Learning 95%
Application of Learning 97%
Online Tutor Support 94%
User Experience 69%
Communication & Support 93%
Course Recommendation 92%
"(The online course content) has given me a good understanding of how my leadership behaviors can support the impact on the team and organisation. I feel more empowered as a leader and more prepared to take on leadership roles and projects. It has also helped me to reflect on how my own leadership can help to develop aspiring leaders of the future."
NPQH Candidate, Spring 2019
"Support from my tutor has been outstanding. Phil has provided the right prompts to push my thinking further without overwhelming me!"
NPQH Candidate, Autumn 2018

DfE Quality Assurance Review

The recent performance review rated OLP as ‘exceptional’ overall

The review was carried out by government-appointed quality assurance agents Tribal Group and based on the DfE National Professional Qualification (NPQ) Quality Framework. They visited face-to-face provision, reviewed extensive evidence, and interviewed candidates, partners and team members.

The reviewers identified exceptional performance in most areas of the Quality Framework and highlighted strengths including:

Types of Study

  • The highly effective blending of online study and face-to-face sessions lies at the heart of OLP’s successful provision. This is recognised throughout the organisation and most importantly of all, by the participants themselves. It is a seamless approach with the two aspects complementing each other and allowing participants with different learning styles to benefit.

  • These two aspects are enriched by opportunities for participants to work with their peers and to learn from in-school mentors/sponsors as well as coaches in the NPQH and NPQEL programmes. NPQEL participants were very complimentary regarding the support and guidance received through ‘expert’ coaching received. One indicated that access to such high-quality coaching was proving to be a significant factor in their personal journey through the programme and their leadership.

Support for Participants

  • The systems are well thought out so that appropriate support is available at every stage, right through from the application process to assessment. The experience and knowledge of key people such as facilitators and online tutors ensure that they understand the needs of participants and can pre-empt most of their concerns along the programme pathways.

View our full DfE quality assurance review summary here.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our NPQ online learning module services for NPQ providers, our team will be happy to help and can be contacted via 0117 920 9200 or by email