Best Practice Network in partnership with Outstanding Leaders Partnership is exceptionally well-placed to respond to the DfE launch of the Recruitment and Retention strategy in January 2019, a key focus of which is the proposed Early Career Framework that will ‘underpin an entitlement to a fully-funded, 2-year package of structured support for early career teachers linked to the best available research evidence – alongside funded time off timetable in the second year of teaching and support for mentors.

Across our partnership, we have extensive experience and evidence of best-practice professional development that will enable us to achieve the DfE vision of an ECF that builds on and compliments high-quality Initial Teacher Training (ITT) to become the cornerstone of a successful career in teaching.

Across the network we combine experience of Initial Teacher Training (both School and University-based), NQT induction and ongoing teacher support, with guidance, face to face training and online resources to support teachers and potential teachers in their early careers as well as effective coaching and mentoring.

The ECF document states: ‘The ECF sets out two types of content. Within each area, key evidence statements (“Learn that…”) have been drawn from current high-quality evidence from the UK and overseas. This evidence includes high-quality reviews and syntheses, including meta-analyses and rigorous individual studies. In addition, the ECF provides practical guidance on the skills that early career teachers should be supported to develop. Practice statements (“Learn how to…”) draw on both the best available educational research and on additional guidance from the Expert Advisory Group and other sector representatives. ‘

The ECF has been designed to support early career teacher development in 5 core areas. In order to ensure congruence with the 8 Teachers’ Standards, the content of the framework is presented in 8 sections:

Section ECF core area

S1 High Expectations (Set high expectations)

S7 Managing Behaviour (Manage behaviour effectively)

Behaviour management

S2 How Pupils Learn (Promote good progress)

S4 Classroom Practice (Plan and teach well-structured lessons)

S5 Adaptive Teaching (Adapt teaching)
S3 Subject and Curriculum (Demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge) Curriculum

S6 Assessment (Make accurate and productive use of assessment)


S8 Professional Behaviours (Fulfil wider professional responsibilities)

Professional behaviours

Best Practice Network and the Outstanding Leaders Partnership look forward to collaborating with partners to design, develop and deliver a fit-for-purpose ECF that gives early career teachers the support they need to enjoy a successful career in teaching. Schools, MATs, TSAs, Subject Matter Experts, HEIs and other organisations who wish to partner with us, are invited to contact Dean Boyce, Programme Director of CPD and Accreditation.