NPQH - Approaching the end of the first online module

NPQH - Approaching the end of the first online module

Posted May 10 2019   Amie Norris

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Online Course 1: Strategy & Improvement

As we rapidly approach the Year 6 SATs, I am also 6 tasks into a 9 task online learning unit - busy is not an accurate enough adjective! However making time to read the documents in the modules is essential, not only because it is an expectation of the course, but also because it is full of interesting and supportive information. The modules also signpost you to further reading (which I have added to my to-do list as there aren’t enough hours in the day right now!!!)


Each module consists of articles, extracts from books/ journals and videos that link directly to the module title (see above). After each module, there are 2 core task which must be completed and also a number of optional tasks within the module; I have chosen to do a few of these as they have supported my learning and given me time to reflect on the end of module task. The majority of the core tasks (end of module tasks) are to write a short reflection of the learning that has taken place during the module; these reflections are either posted on a group discussion forum or posted directly to your tutor. Then your fellow NPQH participates, or your online tutor, comment on your post to start up a reflective conversation. I find these discussions the most useful part of the task as they either provided a different viewpoint which promotes deeper thinking or they reinforce your own viewpoint which is reassuring and builds confidence in your decision making.

Due to the busy nature of the school, it has been essential for me to build time into my week to prioritise my NPQH learning. For anyone considering applying for this course, I would make sure this is in place from the outset. To really maximise the learning opportunities, time must be dedicated to this course.