Teaching Assistant Self-Review

As a teaching assistant you play a vital role in supporting teaching and learning in schools. This self-review is set against the Professional Standards for Teaching Assistants (2015) so that you can gauge the level at which you are working and identify your areas of strength and your areas for development.


Who is this for?

This self-review is suitable for any member of the classroom based support staff team, regardless of title, e.g. TA, LSA, LSP, or HLTA. The review provides feedback to cover the full range of TAs from those just starting as a TA to experienced HLTAs.

What are the benefits?

This unique self-evaluation allows teaching assistants and their line managers to review their performance against the Professional Standards for Teaching Assistants published in June 2016 by UNISON, National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), the National Education Trust (NET) and Maximising Teaching Assistants. As such the standards used:

  • are unequivocal, clear and easy to understand and use
  • can be used to inform performance management processes
  • will steer the professional development of teaching assistants at all levels
  • are designed to inspire confidence in teaching assistants and ensure that schools use their skills and expertise to best effect
  • focus primarily on the key elements of their professional relationship with teachers to ensure that all pupils attain the highest possible standards.

Our system will allow you to

  • review the support staff capacity of your organisation or school(s)
  • support and shape positive conversations teaching assistants have with colleagues, managers and headteachers around their own roles and professional development
  • help maximise the impact and practice of TAs
  • provide evaluation against professional standards that are complementary to standards for HLTAs
  • receive dedicated Helpdesk support

How is it delivered?

For each standard, evaluation descriptors are provided to support the process and to help with target setting. A sample from a completed report is available to view through resources at the bottom of the page.

Those undertaking the self-review will grade themsleves against each of the 21 professional standards for TAs using the terms ‘emerging’ ‘developing’ ‘securing’ ‘mastering’ to differentiate outcomes.

The browser-based Teaching Assistant Self-Review is simple for individuals and administrators to use:


  1. Receive your login details.
  2. Complete the online self-review selecting best-fit statements that are indicative of your current knowledge, understanding, skills and practice.
  3. Review online or download the report to keep for your records and to compare against future reports.
  4. Use for your own benefit and to support professional development conversations with colleagues.
  5. Undertake the review as many times as they wish during the year.


  • Upload your teaching assistants in bulk or individually to system to allow them to undertake the self-review.
  • Ability to undertake reviews on teaching assistants behalf.
  • Produce reports showing the areas of expertise and the areas for development across your team.
  • Create your own frameworks or copy and edit frameworks
  • Adapt your own frameworks to be e.g. 180, 360, surveys, collect qualitative responses etc.

What does it cost?

Usually part of the 360 Review Toolkit, the Teaching Assistant Self-Review is available to purchase as a stand-alone framework.

The annual cost for access to this review is £195 per school.

Schools who purchase the TA diagnostic as a stand-alone are eligible for a 50% discount on the set-up fee of the full 360° Review Toolkit if they decide to purchase this at a later date.

How to apply

Please use the link below to purchase the Teaching Assistant Self-Review. To find out further information, please contact the Schools Team.

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