School Self-Evaluation Toolkit

The Self-Evaluation Toolkit is designed to help school executive leaders and governors reflect in a coherent way on the performance of the school in securing their mission, values, aims, objectives and legal responsibilities to provide the best possible education experience for their pupils. It also helps the school in being accountable to parents, governors, stakeholders and Ofsted.


Who is this for?

The Self-Evaluation Toolkit is designed to meet the needs of schools who wish to develop leadership capacity and be robustly prepared for a future inspection.

The toolkit should be used strategically by the leadership team to focus on key issues and build up a ‘causality conversation’ (not simply stating what the outcomes and standards are – but providing robust evidence for why this is the case). It is fully in line with the most recent Ofsted framework and will enable the school executive to secure an agreed professional evaluation against each of the key Ofsted judgements.

What are the benefits?

The toolkit will:

  • help the school leadership to be accountable and to produce a succinct, robust executive summary in line with Ofsted criteria
  • empower leaders and governors in making strategic decision concerning school improvement
  • strategically support the school in advance of an Ofsted Inspection

How is it delivered?

This 360 evaluation tool is delivered through a secure online portal.

The executive leader will identify key stakeholders who then provide feedback against the current Ofsted criteria. This feedback also includes ‘free text’ that can be incorporated into an executive report for accountability purposes.

The report generated enables school leaders and governors to identify key strengths and priorities for further development and also provides a unique ‘moral compass’ graphic that indicates current capacity for change. It is an invaluable resource for inspection (particularly the new style inspection being introduced by Ofsted in September 2015). School leaders using the tool will also be offered the opportunity for a confidential follow up phone or web call with a trained inspector to discuss the report that is generated.

What does it cost?

Please contact the Schools Team via the button above regarding pricing for the Self Evaluation Toolkit.

How to apply

Please use the link below to purchase the Self-Evaluation Toolkit, or to find out further information, please email the Schools Team using the link above, or contact Rahim Ahmed on 0117 920 9200.

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