Planting Promise

Planting Promise has been operating in Sierra Leone since 2008 to provide free education of the highest quality to as many under-privileged children as possible. They believe in sustainable solutions and have therefore been determined to fund schools through ethical and empowering businesses that provide employment for local people and help feed the country. Their community farms grow rice, cassava, sesame, groundnut and pigeon pea. They also have a factory where they process their produce and a sales team who sell their products into local markets. Their branded food product, ‘Welbodi Gari’ is made from locally sourced ingredients and typically sells thousands of units per week.

Through their donors and businesses, they have been able to develop and support schools across the country, educating nearly 1,000 children who otherwise would have no chance of such an education. Quality is at the heart of everything they do and their eventual objective is to provide children with the best quality education in Sierra Leone from nursery right through to University.

The outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone has had a severe impact on operations. By government order schools are closed and business operations have been limited. They stand by all their employees and have continued to fund their salaries throughout this incredibly difficult ordeal. They have promoted sanitation training and Ebola awareness amongst all their staff and are doing everything they can to keep them safe. However, all this is coming at a significant cost and they can only maintain it for a limited period if business operations continue to be restricted. They are therefore very grateful to all at Best Practice Network for their incredibly generous offer to support them and they will keep everyone posted with progress. Everyone at Planting Promise Sierra Leone will be very happy to hear of the support of the Best Practice Network and would extend a very warm welcome to anyone who wishes to visit Sierra Leone once Ebola is resolved.

Please Support Planting Promise to continue to support the communities in Sierra Leone throughout the Ebola crisis.

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