Personal Tutor achieves "Outstanding" in Ofsted inspection

Last month Anna Watson, a Childminder from the Southampton area and Personal Tutor for Best Practice Network’s Early Years Initial Teacher Training, achieved her second Ofsted "Outstanding" grading. She has shared her experience with us.

“The inspection itself took 2 ½ hours and included a joint observation of a planting activity with three children aged 18 months, 2 and 3 years. As a tutor who frequently observes trainees, the boot was now on the other foot and I now know how it feels to be observed, receive feedback and be questioned on a range of topic including FGM, how I kept up to date with safeguarding protocols and British Values. I was very pleased that the inspector found that my highly self-reflective SEF had provided excellent evidence which made the inspection easier from her point of view."

"In the summary of key findings, I was delighted that the judgement was that ‘teaching and interactions are highly responsive to children’s needs and interests’ The findings were also that I showed ‘expert knowledge and understanding of how to promote children’s learning in all areas’ and that I ‘question and encourage children exceptionally well.’ During the feedback we discussed how I had developed my sustained shared thinking skills to meet standard 2.4 of the Teachers’ Standard (Early Years) and the impact this has had on my practice and the outcomes for the children in my care."

"During the inspection the inspector commented that it was very evident that my commitment to CPD and the achievement of Early Years Teacher Status had clearly improved the outcomes for the children at my setting. This was exemplified in the report ‘She understands the benefits of training and plans to continue her professional development further.’"

"The inspector acknowledged that a strength of my practice is how I support children to ‘respect other children and adults when out in the local environment’ which supports children ‘to further develop their social skills and learn to form good friendships. These experiences all help to prepare them for the next stages in their lives and a wide range of important skills that they need for their move to school.’"

"I believe that parents choose my setting as we are spend so much time in the wider environment. I believe it is vitally important for children to learn to function as part of society and that my role is also to support parents to ensure that their children have ‘learning as well as fun’."

"All in all I found the Ofsted experience not too harrowing and was delighted to have it confirmed by the inspector that Early Years Teacher Status really does make a difference.”

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