National College funded pilot programme success

Participants on a pilot leadership programme in Newham have successfully completed their final day. The equality and diversity focused programme aimed to ensure that participants would:

  • have increased confidence, ambition and self-belief
  • self-reflect and review their strengths and development areas
  • have an enhanced ability to motivate and lead others
  • explore school to school support and collaboration
  • engender a positive network of support and development

The feedback from headteachers certainly bears the aims of the programme out. One said that their colleague was now “more confident in guiding, advising and supporting others”, and had noticed, “an improved ability to recognise their own strengths and use these with more confidence.” The head felt that they were now “more confident in verbalising their existing skill set and actively seeking further opportunities to further develop their leadership skills.”

The programme, which was developed to support ethnic minority and female teachers interested in gaining promotion, was made possible by a grant awarded by the National College for Teaching and Leadership to the Learning in Harmony Trust. Working together with Best Practice Network, the Trust delivered the pilot to 17 senior leaders from 6 different primary schools in Newham and has so far produced great results for participants and their schools.

"She takes greater account of other people’s perspectives and workload and now has a willingness to tackle difficult situations and challenge and support staff through coaching and mentoring. She has been encouraged to motivate and inspire others rather than “tell” others and has become more confident in in using her own initiative to influence impact across the school as well as in her own year group."

The partnership are currently seeking DfE funding for a second cohort of leaders to undertake this programme in the 2016/17 term so please get in touch with Jeff Hart if you would like to find out more.

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