Best Practice Network’s fun and informative day out with local schoolchildren

At Best Practice Network we pride ourselves on our ability to develop, implement and manage a wide range of corporate social responsibility activities and strategies. Not only do we strive to maintain an environmentally friendly office space and create a happy workforce but we also try to do our part for the local community.

In the past year we have supported a huge range of national and international charities including PEAs, the Green House and Macmillan. We’re now looking to increase our support of those around us and become actively involved in the projects we support.

On Friday 3 March we had the chance to take a group of children from Bowsland Green Primary School in Bristol on an outdoor adventure to Folly Farm, as part of the Avon Wildlife Trust’s award-winning Wild Schools Programme. Folly Farm’s educational centre, based on a 250 acre nature reserve in the Chew Valley, Somerset, provided the setting for fun and informative learning with a range of curriculum based activities.

From start to finish the day was as pleasurable for us as it was for the children, who might otherwise have limited opportunities for out of school learning. We all gained knowledge about wildlife (including some tiny ‘minibeasts’ in the Miniature World programme) and how we can all play a part in protecting and nurturing the natural environment.

It was fantastic to take that leap from sponsoring nationwide charities to planning and implementing our own project for local children. Not only did the children get to take part in outdoor learning but they got to enjoy themselves too! Seeing their smiling faces really made the day for us.

If your setting or school is involved in any CSR activities and would like an extra helping hand then please let us know as there may be something we can do to help! Depending on where you are based and what your project is our staff may be able to get involved in a physical role or perhaps offer admin support from afar. 

If you’d like to discuss any upcoming projects please contact Edwina

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