Validated School Self-review

The validated school self-review will provide you with a clear picture of the extent to which your school is successful in meeting not only national expectations and targets but also the schools own distinctive aims, purpose, mission and vision. This is achieved through a self-review model that will develop the skills of your senior leadership team to link proven review processes to the delivery of effective school improvement planning.


Who is this for?

This review is suitable for all schools who wish to develop the capacity of their leadership team to undertake effective self-evaluation.

What are the benefits?

This review will:

  • Provide you with a clear picture of your schools current performance and the effectiveness of your self-evaluation processes
  • Validate and enhance your strategic school improvement plan
  • Enhance the skills of your senior leadership team to undertake effective self-review
  • Enhance school self-evaluation processes by providing access to a collaborative online self-evaluation toolkit

How is it delivered?

The review is a collaborative process, through which our team of reviewers will be paired with members of your senior leadership team to provide coaching, support and validation of their work. The review process will entail:

  • Completion of the online self-evaluation toolkit
  • A preliminary visit by the lead reviewer to meet the Headteacher and the plan the focus and delivery of the review
  • Two days with the review team on-site working with the senior leadership to gather evidence, form judgements and feedback.
  • Personalised feedback and coaching for each member of the senior leadership team
  • A full feedback and strategic planning day, where the lead reviewer will feedback to the leadership team and governors and facilitate the updating of their strategic plan
  • Provision of a full written report


Our team deliver reviews nationally.

What does it cost?

The costs for reviews are:

  • Primary review: £4,650 +VAT
  • Secondary review: £6,950 +VAT

How to apply

To book your validated school self-review please complete the registration form, selecting Validated School Self-Review from the drop-down menu on the first page.

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