Special offer on LINK Advance Video CPD

Best Practice Network has teamed up with the National Learning Trust (NLT) to launch a series of video-based CPD that brings education thought leaders to you for use in staff CPD. Each one consists of 75 minutes of video training material split into five sessions, with full facilitator notes so you can easily run it as an INSET or series of twilight sessions.

The first is Power and Love with Steve Munby. Until the end of the month we are able to offer this at 50% off the usual cost, so it's just £250. Email info@learningtrust.net quoting special offer code BPN50 by 28 February 2018.

If you'd like a taster you can download episode one for free, complete with the accompanying facilitator notes.

Steve Munby recently retired as Chief Executive of Education Development Trust (EDT), and is the former CEO of the National College for School Leadership (NCSL) in England. He is now a consultant and speaker on leadership and system reform. Steve is also the facilitator of the Atlantic Rim Collaboratory and Visiting Professor at University College London. Steve has worked with teachers, school leaders, government ministers and officials all over the world, and has come to the conclusion that if schools are to be successful, they need to have a mixture of power and love.

By power we mean: relentlessness; determination; commitment; focus and pace.

By love we mean: kindness; empathy; building relationships; taking people with you.

Unless we have both power and love we are not going to be successful and through this module Steve Munby challenges teams to consider the mixture of power and love within their school community.

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