HLTA Where Next renamed as the Level 5 Leadership Qualification

We have now had over 60 people graduate on the HLTA Where Next L5 Leadership Qualification and have received some amazing feedback letting us know what a positive impact the course is having on HLTA’s and the people they work with.

However, we have decided to rename the HLTA Where Next? Leadership Development Programme to the Level 5 Leadership Qualification. Having HLTA and Where Next? speaks to HLTAs, however we think the programme has a wider reach and is relevant for other staff such as early years practitioners and administrators.

We would be grateful if you could please pass the word on to anyone who might be interested in developing their leadership potential and gaining an additional qualification. We have programmes running across the country throughout the year.

“I am so pleased with myself for realising and achieving this goal and my learning journey throughout the course has been immense. I am enjoying recognising when I use theories learnt from my study and how these impact on my current role and also the benefits they have on the aims and values of our school.”
“I now understand the importance of emotional intelligence - I have empowered my team - now the team is delivering better quality learning and positivity.”
“The programme has helped me to raise standards for pivotal /SEN groups and sought/given training to other staff.”
“I am more confident about my role and have gained insight and skills that allow me to tackle a wide range of situations. I feel I am a leader now.”
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