National College Governor Workshops

This suite of five centrally funded governor workshops is offered on behalf of the National College for Teaching and Leadership. These three-hour interactive twilight workshops all provide easy access to high quality training in key areas of learning need.


Who is this for?

These workshops are suitable for the governors of academies and maintained schools in England.

What are the benefits?

  • cost effective and time efficient governor development
  • designed and developed by National Leaders of Governance
  • gain a greater understanding of the core functions of the governing body as well as a broader knowledge of the school system and your strategic role and responsibilities within it

How is it delivered?

These workshops are typically delivered as 3 hour twilight sessions for your school or trust. Alternatively you can sign-up to our 2 week facilitated online course.

Available workshops

Workshop name and description

Learning outcomes

Financial Efficiencies

This training workshop will increase your effectiveness as a governing body by providing an opportunity for you to develop your knowledge of financial management and efficiency in a school setting. You will be provided with information on the tools, techniques, knowledge and skills needed to challenge effectively on financial matters, emphasising your role in driving efficiency.

On completion of the workshop delegates will:

  • have a better understanding of efficiency and the characteristics of the most efficient schools
  • understand the governor’s role in terms of efficiency and good financial management, including the importance of the “challenge” function,
  • be able to interpret relevant financial and other performance data
  • understand the value of benchmarking
  • have gained an insight into effective workforce deployment
  • have had the opportunity to network and share experiences and encourage further collaboration

Performance Related Pay (PRP)

This training workshop will provide you an understanding of your responsibilities for maintaining, updating and implementing a robust and considered pay policy on performance related pay. It will also enable you to scrutinise your school’s appraisal policy to ensure it supports effective appraisal in the school.

On completion of the workshop delegates will:

  • understand the governing body's responsibilities on Performance Related Pay for teaching staff, i.e. what has changed and what they need to do about it
  • have had the opportunity to consider the opportunities and the challenges posed by the changes
  • have had the opportunity to share policies and good practice
  • be equipped to monitor the implementation of a PRP policy

Understanding and using data to improve school outcomes

This training workshop will help you develop your understanding of performance data and how it can be used effectively in order to challenge and support your school’s leadership team in their efforts to bring about school improvement.

On completion of the workshop delegates will:

  • understand the contribution of data to school self-evaluation and school improvement
  • know the range and type of data available
  • understand some of the key terms and concepts
  • have developed their skills in the interpretation of data available
  • understand the importance of using a range of measures to evaluate the performance of their school
  • be aware of how data may be used by governors to challenge and support their school’s leadership team
  • understand the proper use of data by governors and the protocols that they should follow when accessing it

Joining or Forming a Multi-Academy Trust

This training workshop will inform governors about the options available to them, in relation to MAT policy agenda.  Dispelling myths and rumours and focussing on the facts and options available to schools.

  • At the end of the session, delegates will understand:
  • government policy and where MATs fit within it
  • how MATs are structured
  • effective MAT governance
  • what options maintained schools have
  • how to join or form a MAT
  • how others have successfully navigated the journey

Disadvantaged Pupils – What governors need to know and do

This training workshop will provide governors with the knowledge and understanding of ‘disadvantaged pupils’ (Pupil Premium) to ensure they are able to support and challenge their school leadership team effectively.

At the end of the session, delegates will:

  • know the definition of ‘disadvantaged pupils’ and the funding they attract
  • be clear on the role of the governing body and its accountability for Pupil Premium
  • know what data is available and how it can be used to ask the right questions
  • be aware of whole-school strategies that have been successful and effective

What does it cost?

The workshops can be delivered to a school or group of schools completely free of change as long as the minimum number of attendees is reached; for groups drawn from an individual state funded school this is 6 attendees while 9 attendees are required for a group made up of  governors from several state funded schools.

How to apply

Please fill out the online registration form  below to book any of these workshops. Once processed, we will be in touch to discuss your requirements and arrange the date of your workshop(s).

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