Governance - an external review

This full review of governance will provide you with a clear view of your performance as a governing body, looking at whether you meet your statutory responsibilities, are prepared for Ofsted inspection, have the appropriate skills and knowledge and the systems and processes in place to provide appropriate challenge and support to the school leadership team. You will receive a detailed report detailing strengths and areas for development and a statement which can used as part of your financial reporting requirements.


Who is this for?

The review is suitable for individual Governing Bodies or those that work closely together, for example as part of a school chain or partnership.

What are the outcomes?

A review is likely to include:

  • an initial discussion with the Head teacher and Chair of Governors/group of governors to agree the activities which will be undertaken as part of the review
  • a review of the documentation of the governing body including the instrument of government, the terms of reference of any committees and the minutes of recent governing body and committee meetings
  • a discussion with a group of governors
  • a skills audit completed by all members of the governing body and an analysis of the results to establish if the governing body has the skills to carry out its core functions effectively
  • an agreed action plan with timelines and success criteria and which will identify the training needs of the governing body and will “signpost” governors to the tools or training they need to increase their effectiveness

How is it delivered?

This review will normally take 2- 3 days although each review will be slightly different based on your context and performance. A consultant will work with you to agree the detailed scope and time required.

What does it cost?

The full cost of a review, including all preparation, delivery, report writing and expenses is £1,250 + VAT.

How to apply

Please fill out the online application form. Once processed, we will be in touch to discuss your requirements and arrange the date of your workshop. Please make one application per school or academy, we will confirm attendees as part of the application processing.

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